Winning Bid: $304.00

The first time I went to NYC, I loved it so much I wanted to stay there. So I found a place for rent in Park Slope, Brooklyn. While waiting for the landlord to meet me, it started to pour down rain. I didn’t mind cause I had a big coat on so I just stood outside waiting. While waiting, I saw one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen in my life go into a coffee shop across the street. I try to never have regrets so when I saw her come back out I went over and introduced myself. We talked for a good 45 min and she said, “Here’s my number, call me.” Took a pen from her handbag, grabbed my hand, and wrote her number. I went back across the street saw a text from the landlord that he’s in the apartment and to come on up and take a look at it. Afterwards, I went back out in the rain, caught the subway back to where I was staying, got home and went to call that girl to set something up. When I looked down the rain washed away her number. So I painted that piece to remember that memory of NYC.

Paint on canvas

16 x 20 inch

Item condition: New

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